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From Dr. Lucero

Hello all and thank you for finding me and my page!


As many of you know I am from the Pojoaque Valley and this community is my home. When I left and went to college, I was pretty naïve about what being a doctor really meant. I thought I was just going to go to school, graduate and take care of people and my community. But, as we are all aware, we have a complicated medical system and often many barriers to accessing it and executing what is needed. Both patients and doctors are frustrated.


I had always envisioned practicing medicine the old fashion way. Following residency and an employed position I think that I have found an alternative to the current traditional insurance clinic model that will be great for my patients, my community, and me. That is what Home Town Doc is all about!

- Dr. Stephanie

Northern New Mexico's 1st Direct Primary Care Clinic

             p. (505) 557-4551

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